Research Grants Received

A. John Arnfield – Research Grants Received


Graduate School, The Ohio State University. Effects of Urbanization on the Radiation Budget of the Earth’s Surface. US$2480.


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, The Ohio State University. Modeling the Surface Receipt of Solar Radiation for High Altitudes. US$1260.


Ohio Supercomputer Center. A Feasibility Study of Urban Canyon Simulation Models in a Supercomputer Environment. 5 resource units.Preview Changes (opens in a new window)

National Science Foundation (Geography and Regional Science Program). Simulation and Field Measurement of Aspects of the Urban Canopy Layer Climate and Energy Budget. 15 June 1988 – 30 November 1990. US$49,895.


Ohio Supercomputer Center. Supercomputer Simulation of Urban Surface Energy Budget and Climate Using Coupled Energy Budget, Windfield and Dispersion Models (co-PI G.T. Johnson). 100 resource units.


Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Research, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences & Department of Geography, The Ohio State University. International Travel Grant in support of travel to Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, for collaborative research work with G.T. Johnson and Jan Herbert. US$2350.


University Small Grant, The Ohio State University. To support the fieldwork of Robert Hellström in Antarctica. US$1000.


National Science Foundation (Geography & Regional Science). Improvements and Extensions for an Urban Canyon Energy Budget and Climate Simulation Model. 15 June 1998 – 1 July 2003. US$119,112.

Ohio Supercomputer Center. Further Development of an Urban Surface Energy Budget and Climate Model. 100 resource units.

University Small Grant, The Ohio State University. To support doctoral-related fieldwork of Robert Hellström on forest snow pack modelling. US$1000.


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Updated: 01/09/2018