Badger Movies!

We’ve just found a couple of badger movies from last year.  John set up the trail cam near one of the sett openings to see if there was any action.

In the first clip, one of our little friends is bringing in fresh bedding.  It’s an interesting action – he does it by pulling the material (grass, straw, bamboo leaves, etc.) backwards with his long front claws.  They change the bedding quite frequently, as witnessed by the trails of leaves and detritus we find across the lawns and the flower beds!  Don’t worry about the video going dark in the last half, the trail cam was running out of batter power. Sorry about that, but I thought you’d like to see the behaviour.

In the second clip we see that clean bedding doesn’t always equate with a clean badger!  This guy seems to have an awful lot of itchy spots!

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