Another Day Goes By Without Resolution

The water is still flowing out of the sewer and across the garden.  Here’s today’s picture.  It’s coming out of the drain at the top of the picture and running along the wall.

My two previous posts are also about this problem.

Sometimes when the flow is higher it gets into the drain at the lower left.  We don’t know where that drain leads to.  It’s only meant to carry rainwater away from the roof over the front door.  There is a possibility that it drains through a soakaway into the Ash Brook (the Cardingmill Valley stream).  If that’s the case – goodbye trout, goodbye bull head, goodbye caddis flies … I could continue… but don’t forget that those creatures feed the dippers and kingfishers that also live along this stream.

There were multiple promises from Severn Trent yesterday that they would get Amey to phone us in the afternoon and they would give us an update today.  Again they didn’t.  It was obvious that the work wasn’t done AGAIN last night, but we had to phone them this afternoon to find out that they still can’t get the manhole up in the main road and therefore can’t access the offending sewer.

Today I have contacted the Environment Agency.  I have also put in a query to Shropshire Council and John has written an official complaint to Severn Trent.  It’s time to ramp up the action, so the next step is social media and then the press.

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